In our Italian culture, food is sacred.
A unique dedication is applied, starting from planting a seed to sitting at the table.

Tradition is the Bible, though creativity helps curious minds experimenting innovative matches. Every product shows a unique structure and physics and chemistry intervene in altering them and composing new tastes. Ingredients combos are carefully studied in order to discover new harmonic flavours.

Food is not just nourishment.
It’s the five senses which collaborate in releasing emotions.
It’s conviviality. It’s identity. It’s ethics.

Behind a bottle of olive oil, there is a whole story. Of trees, lands, people, machines.
So for picked tomatoes and packed chips.

Connection with food varies from person to person, from culture to culture.
I am interested in both exploring such different perspectives and deepening that relationship with other species that keeps us profoundly attached to our land.